Month: July 2017

Bee Friends On Whitney Wolfe’s New Bumble BFF App

Whitney Wolfe is part of the future tech world changing the real life interactive landscape. Working busy like a bee, Whitney Wolfe is quickly becoming the face of women in tech with her dating app Bumble. Bumble, a female dominated company of 35 people, has reached 12.5 million users as of 2017. Bumble’s estimated value is at $500 million according to one source.

Not surprisingly, Whitney Wolfe has been named “30 Most Important Women Under 30 In Tech” by Business Insider when launching the new app in 2014. In 2016, she was featured as Elle’s “Women In Tech.” In 2017, Wolfe was voted Forbe’s “30 Under 30” as she expands her company.

Before Wolfe’s major solo success, she worked on various volunteer projects before graduating from Southern Methodist University with an International Studies degree. For instance, she collaborated on the “Help Us Project” to raise money for animals affected by the BP oil spill. Afterwards, she volunteered at orphanages in Southeast Asia. Then worked on a project with Sean Rad who she would later work. Through a series of events, Whitney Wolfe co-founded Tinder alongside Rad and Justin Marteen while marketing for Tinder.

Consequently, Wolfe filed for sexual harassment against the company. Bumble came onto the scene later to combat the sexism and misogyny that was widespread on online dating apps. Naturally, Bumble has been called the feminist Tinder, because only female users can initiate the conversation with male users. Whitney Wolfe, then, recognized that something interesting was happening on her dating app: people were using the app to meet friends as well, and so she decided to create Bumble BFF.

Bumble BFF is an app for making female friendship connections. The goal is to help women find other female friends if they have recently relocated or have trouble meeting friends. Like Bumble, users on Bumble BFF swipe right if the user thinks they’re compatible with a person, and if they match then they must respond within 24 hours to communicate. To be compatible, the app will take information from the user’s Facebook. Bumble BFF is quickly becoming successful. In the first week, the app got 1 million swipes for friendship connections. Like looking for an intimate partner, the technology used today is changing the real life interactive landscape, because now people can be selective for an intimate partner or a best friend.