Month: August 2017

Civil Activism Inspired by Avaaz Organization

Avaaz is a civic-directed organization that addresses a variety of issues on world activism. Avaaz’s main concerns are on existing and emerging issues including human rights, climate change, corruption, poverty, animal rights, and conflicts. According to The Guardian, Avaaz is the most attractive and sophisticated network on online activism. The organization was established in January 2007 focusing on being a progressive NGO. Avaaz originated from New York. During its formation, the suggested firm’s name was picked from a Persian community word, Avaaz, which meant voice. This name corresponds to the company’s activities which include carrying out petitions, demonstrations and helping independent press in conflict locations. To know more about Avaaz click here.

With Avaaz, new community platforms in petitions are assisted to begin and win campaigns at the local, national and international levels. Additionally, the Avaaz team achieves success by their unique DNA of possessing a shared humanity sense. With the intent to purify the environment, the Avaaz team has a strategy to save the world’s climate. The organization has over forty-four million members in 194 nations. With the extensive knowledge and contribution, Avaaz is committed to solving these climatic problems. Avaaz began its work by ending the use of fossil fuel. Recently, it started a climate campaign in Paris to advocate for climate restoration. Avaaz managed to massively mobilize individuals to achieve their goal in purifying the globe’s climate.

Additionally, the organization has advocated for animal rights. Avaaz movement has significantly conserved oceans and its creatures like whales, turtles, and sharks. The company works towards preventing activities that are likely to harm marine reserves like over-fishing, and acidification of oceans. In 2010, many Avaaz members convinced the United Kingdom to set aside the largest marine reserve. The reserve occupies a space the size of Italy and Germany put together. Up to date, the reserve situated in the Indian Ocean around the island of Chagos remains the home of various sea creatures. Avaaz values both animal and people’s lives.


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