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Sawyer Howitt; Possessing Intuitive Business Shrewdness

At his tender age, Sawyer Howitt is among the business moguls turning heads in the industry. He serves as the project manager at Meriwether Group. His ability to handle diverse fields only brings out his prowess in managing administrative responsibilities. While some people might focus on his tender age, what matters most is his understanding of the financial side of running enterprises. Sawyer studied the markets and understood that clients value their interaction with their preferred brands in ways carrying significant weight. As well, Howitt understands what it means to pay attention to customer service. In fact, he is purposing to dive into various other ways through which ventures can improve their customer interactions by embracing emerging technologies.

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Away From Business Sawyer is Wears a Philanthropic Garment

Sawyer Howitt is generally a good person. Apart from his relentless devotion to his entrepreneurial causes, he also dedicates quality time and resources to philanthropy. Howitt is fond of supporting charitable organizations and his community as a whole. Apart from that, he also loves inspiring the young people in his society. He fulfills that by hosting mentorship programs for youths. At his age, Mr. Howitt is also committed to fighting for women rights, and as a result, he offers help to a global ethnic studies group.

Howitt’s Entrepreneurial Mind is Worth Learning From

There are volumes of details one can learn from Sawyer Howitt as an entrepreneur. One is that the young people have an opportunity to take advantage of the rising technological trends and establish businesses out of them. Again, regardless of your age, you can jump into the world and grab all the opportunities. With proper preparation and a well-thought-out plan, one can start anytime. Often, waiting longer only means wasting time and missing opportunities. There are many advantages of being young. All you need is to build your confidence and experience according to Whenever you are called upon, you should have something valuable to offer. Also, surround yourself with like-minded people who will build you up. With a cohort of talented persons, you will inspire one another as you also work towards personal growth.

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Tobias Jaeger: Keeping a Fresh, Open Face to the World

As an avid traveler of the world, Tobias Jaeger has met so many people of different cultures; he really can’t fit into one himself. But what he can do is run companies, and do it successfully. As the Managing Partner of AXIOM Venture Capital, Jaeger is responsible for finding entertainment companies looking for investments for the long run.

Before AXIOM Venture Capital, and really before much else, Tobias Jaeger knew what he wanted to do and knew he could do it well. In school at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, he founded his first company, Business Associates Europe in 2007. The company’s goal was to deliver consulting services to companies by integrating consulting experts with university students to research companies in and outside of the Netherlands. After Business Associates Europe came Entrepreneur Academy, which provided personality empowerment courses to entrepreneurs across Europe and the Middle East.

Feeling a need for change, Tobias Jaeger then sought out the entertainment industry, somewhere he had wanted to be for a long time. His initial time in the entertainment industry brought him to Switzerland where he worked with ‘Thought for Food’ and created a documentary and conference about how the next generation of leaders is shaping the food industry. The leaders would be using new technologies to develop new business models to help feed the world.

After ‘Thought for Food’ came his most recent adventure with AXIOM Venture Capital, where he found that a great number of entertainment companies were leaning more towards becoming entertainment firms rather than producing one or two projects or products. Thus, the investment group AXIOM was formed to help those companies looking to maintain their footing in the entertainment world by investing in the companies for the long-term.

Tobias Jaeger loves to talk to people; inside the entertainment industry or just in a new country, he loves to find out new information. It is how he has become such a natural investor; he knows what the people want and why. Expanding his circle of followers has often paid off for Jaeger as well, with new ventures popping up seemingly every day, it’s tough to be on top of it all. He says that keeping an open mind to others and their ideas can lead any entrepreneur in the right direction. And it sure has paid off well for Tobias.

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